Ivo Remenec / 1978

Ivo Remenec (1978) was born in Žilina and was led to violin play by his father, who was a concert master in Slovak Sinfonietta (State Chamber Orchestra) in Žilina.

Ivo started to play violin a little late (8 years old). First by Mrs Hrochová, then Mrs Danišová. He successfully finished Ladislav Árvay Basic Music School in Žilina playing a difficult concerto H.Wieniavsky D moll.

He was accepted to Conservatory in Žilina under supervision of a famous teacher Bohumil Urban. After finishing his Conservatory studies he taught at basic music schools in Kysucké Nové Mesto and later in Žilina. At the same time he studied at Žilina University under lead of Mikuláš Jelínek, who was for a long time a concert master in Köln (Germany). During this period he learned many concertos and sonatas and prepared for a tender for Slovak Sinfonietta. As a member of this orchestra he took many concerts in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England etc.), Japan and prepares for Canada.

In 2005 he took a tour in China together with Vienna Youth Orchestra and his wife Klaudia Remencová Kudjová.

In 2009 he established Adventure Trio together with his wife Klaudia and Slavomír Glos. Adventure Trio plays not only clasical music but also other music genres.