Klaudia Remencová Kudjová / 1979

Klaudia Remencová Kudjová (1979) was born in Žilina to a family of professional musicians. She started to play cello in the age of four under supervision of J. Mehly. Nine years old she was accepted to Conservatory in Žilina to a class of exceptionally talented children. She started the class in 1993 and in the same year she won the first price in the Slovak Conservatories Students Competition. During her Conservatory studies she performed many concert pieces and also five cello concertos with orchestra accompaniment. Based on the recommendation of the English cellist Raphael Wallfisch she received a studentship of the International music Centre in Bergen (Netherlands) for International Master Interpretation Courses.

In 1999 Klaudia represented Slovak Republic at the "Young artists from the countires of Europe“ concert in Eisenstadt (Austria).

After more than 13 years of cooperation with J. Mehly her teacher was H. Glasnáková. Klaudia finished her Conservatory studies under supervision of R. Harvan (A. Dvořák, Concerto h-moll, with Slovak Sinfonietta, cond. L. Svárovský).

She was offered to study in Viktoria Jagling’s class in Helsinki but she decided to study in Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst (University of Music and Expressive Art) in Vienna. During seven year study at this excellent music school she impressed teachers and students with her performance, and confirmed exceptional quality of this Vienna art university.

As a solo player she played with many famous conductors like Kirk Trevor, Leoš Svárovský, Wolfgang Czeipek, Didier Talpain, Jaroslav Vodňanský, Karol Kevický, Štefan Sedlický and also Claudio Abbado.

Klaudia Remencová Kudjová often consulted excellent cellists such as Mstislav Rostropovič, Raphael Wallfisch, Viktória Jagling, Wolfgang Boetcher, Heinrich Schiff, Jozef Podhoranský, Ján Slávik.


In june 2007 she graduated her (with the best possible evaluation and a special praise) her studies at Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna in a cello class of professor Valentin Erben, a member of Alban Berg string Quartet and a former student of the famous André Navarra.

Klaudia Remencová Kudjová’s repertoire includes the most of the important cello concertos. Currently she is a member of Slovak Sinfonietta (State Chamber Orchestra) in Žilina, acts a a solo player as well as a member of various chamber bodies. She also teaches cello play at Conservatory in Žilina.