Slavomír Glos

Slavomír Glos is the ensemble´s artistic director and first violinist. He grew up in a family of musicians. His parents work actively in the Prievidza Choir and from 1988 his father has even been working as the ensemble´s conductor. Slavomír obtained elementary musical education at the Prievidza basic school of music. He later continued his studies at the Žilina conservatoire and was taught by Professor Maria Balážová there. After he completed his studies at the school in 1999 he was employed by the State Chamber Orchestra of Žilina. To enhance his education he completed choir conducting studies at the Žilina conservatoire in 2000. He was taught by Professor Štefan Sedlický at the time.  Slavomír also studied rudiments of musical composition and adaptation for piano and singing. In the period between 2002 and 2006 he continued his studies at the University of Žilina, specialization music and instrument playing. His teachers were at the time Professor Zuzana Guttenová and Professor Mikuláš Jelínek – longtime concert soloist of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Slavomír ´s main artistic hobby was always signing. As early as during his studies he was a singer of the Prievidza Choir and later also of the Žilina mixed choir. At the time he found himself among eight choir enthusiasts who in 1997 formed vocal octet of the Žilina conservatoire conducted by Štefan Sedlický. Once the members of the octet completed their studies at the school, the ensemble was outside the framework of the school taken over by Slavomír Glos, but was still counselled by experienced Professor Sedlický. The ensemble was nemed Cosmopolitan Singers (1999 – 2005) and appeared in several festivals (Singing Prievidza, Academic Banská Bystrica, the Martin Jazz Festival, the Halleluja Festival of Bratislava, but also in the renowned festival of Belfort, France). The ensemble also had a concert at the Žilina Town Hall, joint concert with the Archi di Slovakia string ensemble (members of the Žilina State Chamber Orchestra) as well as many church and Christmas concerts in the environs of the city. Slavomír Glos also artistically participated in composing music of the Cinderella theater play (music by Roman Harvan) shown at the Žilina City Theater. He also sang at the Coronation Festivities at the St. Martin Cathedral.

In 2009 he was asked by conductor Štefan Sedlický to sing solo in mass by Charpentier Missa Asumpta as counter tenor with four professional soloists. Although he did not complete study of this sort of singing, his adventurous nature did not allow him to reject the offer. Slavomír Glos had then two successful concerts in Trnava and Martin. The two concerts resulted in just another offer made by the renowned theater director Martina Čičvák to perform in theater play Faust at the Slovak National Theater of Bratislava. This was when Slavomír struggled with eight well-known, but also very demanding  Baroque arias (Ombra mai fu, Lascia chio pianga, Vedro con mio diletto, Crude furie dei orridia bissi, Se lento ancora fulmine, Mio cor, Ave Maria – Caccini, Io moro) accompanied by violin solo of Peter Kofroň.

Nowadays Slavomír Glos mostly performs concerts with the State Chamber Orchestra, the chamber string ensemble Archi di Slovakia and last but not least sings with Adventure Strings and at the same time arranges compositions for them.